Grace Wellness – an easy way to establish valuable habits

Dietary supplements based on high-quality raw materials and Swedish expertise.


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Swedish science and the world’s ingredients

Grace Wellness offers dietary supplements based on Swedish research and high-quality ingredients. We exclusively sell our products in a subscription form and deliver them directly to your mailbox at prices that everyone can afford so that it becomes easy to establish valuable habits.

Whether our carefully selected ingredients consist of Friend-of-the-sea-certified fish oil from high-fat herring and anchovies or carefully extracted bioflavonoids from citrus fruits, the production of all our supplements rests on scientific findings and production at strictly controlled facilities. All this so that you as a consumer can trust our products.

Our three guiding stars

Natural ingredients
We only use substances that have been extracted in a way that does not harm nature or humans and use natural ingredients that are as traceable as possible to control the entire process – from farm to fork.

High quality
We always choose certified ingredients – both active substances and excipients – of high quality so that the body can better assimilate our dietary supplements.

Bonus effects for health
We always try to combine different ingredients so that they reinforce each other and give bonus effects. We call it the Multiple Effect Accelerator.

Safe dietary supplements with high bioavailability

Grace Wellness offers dietary supplements that are safe but also easy for your body to assimilate. We only engage suppliers with production facilities certified via several different international quality and safety systems and only use high-quality ingredients extracted through sustainable methods and traceable. We only engage suppliers with production facilities that are certified via the internationally recognized quality and safety systems GMP (Compliance with good manufacturing practice), BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System). Together, it means that we have control over both the production and packaging of our products, from farm to fork.

Easier to live healthy

Most people know that a balanced diet can contain the nutrients we need. Yet, it is not always easy to make sure that we get everything we need. Sometimes it is the knowledge that is missing; sometimes, it is the time. Sometimes the needs are unique, for example, when we get older or exercise intensively.

With Grace Wellness, you get the dietary supplements delivered into your mailbox, at intervals determined by how much you need each day, at prices everyone can afford. This makes it easy to establish good habits.

Grace – sprung from science and a burning commitment

Grace Wellness is the result of the meeting between Per-Arne and Claes. Professor Per-Arne Öckerman had since the mid-1960s published up to 400 scientific works – mainly in the field of nutrition – and been an expert within the National Board of Health and Welfare in preparing general dietary recommendations. Now he met the entrepreneur Claes Julin who shared his interest in the health sector and was able to add his experiences of product packaging, production and distribution. They both wanted to help people live long, healthy lives and saw the need for scientifically formulated dietary supplements made readily available to as many people as possible. Grace Wellness was thus born.

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