Customer service

Customer service is happy to answer your questions about everything related to our products and subscriptions.

Customer service

If you have any questions, you are warmly welcome to contact us, or you can see if you can find the answer below.

Phone: +46 (0)8-509 332 00
The switchboard is open weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm

My subscription

It should be easy to subscribe to Grace Wellness dietary supplements. Therefore, you can manage your subscription and reset intervals for your products. It is also possible to pause for a while.

Questions and answers

At Grace we have several different offers regarding our various products. What your subscription looks like depends on which of the offers you have chosen.
Information about your particular offer can be found in your order confirmation or on your initial invoice. If you have questions regarding your subscription, you are warmly welcomed to contact customer service.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. After the cancellation no more shipments will be sent.
Have you collected too much of any of our products? The intervals of our subscriptions are determined based on the recommended intake of
each supplement, but if you still want to change the intervals, it is, of course, no problem. Change the intervals yourself via My Subscription or contact our customer service, and we will help you pause or change the intervals between mailings.

Your supplements will be delivered directly to your home every two months.
Agreement and right of withdrawal
We apply the law on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises (2005:59). It means that you as a consumer always have a 14 days right of withdrawal from the day you received the initial shipment.

Please note that the right of withdrawal only applies to your starter package and not to the subscription’s ongoing deliveries.
Our return address is:
Grace Wellness
Box 11127
100 61 Stockholm

If you wish to return an item, please contact customer service at +46 8-509 332 01 to avoid more products or invoices being sent.



For complete contract terms – click here.

For complete contract terms – click here.
If you are wondering why we are calling you, you have previously participated in market research, campaign or made a purchase. Virtually all market research, campaigns and purchases include the information that your data may be used for third-party purposes such as marketing. For us to access your mobile phone number, you had actively accepted this information when you approved the terms of the agreement. We at Grace Wellness, of course, follow the industry rules that have been developed by SWEDMA and Kontakta, among others, in order to be a part of a serious industry.
If you wish to be blocked for further contact from Grace by phone or email, please contact us at and enter the name, telephone number and email address to be blocked.
We take responsibility for all personal information – such as name, address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, etc. – that you provide us with or we receive at a purchase. We follow the rules set out in The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about how we process personal information in our general terms and conditions.

For complete contract terms – click here.

For complete contract terms – click here.

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Bankgiro: 5408-7291

Tel: 010 – 198 91 20

A reminder invoice is sent only if your bill has lapsed and you have not paid it. It usually takes 1–3 business days for your payment to be registered. If you have paid on the same day as the due date and received a reminder, you can ignore this.

Product and warranty
We at Grace Wellness sell our products by phone and internet. We offer our products in the solutions that will suit you as a consumer best. If you have chosen a subscription, your products will be cheaper.
Grace Wellness is the result of the meeting between Per-Arne and Claes. Grace Wellness is the result of the meeting between Per-Arne and Claes. Professor Per-Arne Öckerman had since the mid-1960s published up to 400 scientific works – mainly in the field of nutrition – and been an expert within the National Board of Health and Welfare in preparing general dietary recommendations.

Now he met the entrepreneur Claes Julin who shared his interest in the health sector and was able to add his experiences of product packaging, production and distribution.
They both wanted to help people live long, healthy lives and saw the need for scientifically formulated dietary supplements made readily available to as many people as possible. Grace Wellness was thus born.

Grace Wellness offers dietary supplements based on Swedish expertise and high-quality ingredients. We exclusively sell our products in a subscription form and deliver them directly to your mailbox at prices that everyone can afford so that it becomes easy to establish valuable habits.
Whether our carefully selected ingredients consist of Friend-of-the-sea-certified fish oil from deep-sea fish or carefully extracted bioflavonoids from Chinese citrus fruits, the formula of all our dietary supplements from day one rests on scientific knowledge. Their production takes place at strictly controlled facilities. All this so that you as a consumer can trust Grace Wellness products.

Grace Wellness only uses substances that have been extracted in a way that does not harm nature or humans and uses as much as
possible natural ingredients that are traceable. We have control over the entire process – from farm to fork.
Our supplements are produced at carefully controlled and certified facilities and always contain certified ingredients – both active substances and excipients – of high quality so that the body can better assimilate our dietary supplements.

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